Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome to Jamie's Blog

Welcome all to Jamie's Blog. We would love to hear from you!


Jamie Lovemark said...

Congratulations on the TIGER tournament! Good luck. I will be watching you on TV.

Bry MNO said...

Having caddied for Jamie in the 2006 Porter Cup, I have witnessed the complete package.
Jamie, you have the game, discipline, creativity, style, personality and drive that has led you to the NCAA # 1 position.
I wish you well in all your endeavours; I watched you by way of the USC web page with amazement this year, knowing full well that you are headed where you belong.
You have done it all this year.
If you have a place for a looper at any time, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to aid you in a future accomplishment.
Best regards,

Lisa said...

Jamie you are a gifted golfer from jo jo

asfiorejr said...

jamie, would like to send over some pics from maryland for you; also thanks for signing the ball for me!!

Garry Lindsay said...

Watched you on thursday evening at congressional. How did you get that spin from the left rough at the 8th to stop it dead from 70 yds?

What shaft, flex, weight and length do you have in your 3 wood?


jgw said...

jamie: Great first round at congressional. Sometime soon you need to get this site as polished looking as that of Rory Hie's!

Check out soon for a feature article on you. We're big fans of yours. Keep up the strong play Jamie.

magoo said...


I've enjoyed keeping up with your progress over the years. Good luck in all future endeavors. It's also nice to see that your caddie has stopped wearing the knee high socks. His tan lines must have looked ridiculous :-)


Brian said...

The future of american golf!!

jcar1313 said...

As a Trojan Alum who was briefly on the golf team I am very proud of the way you played at the Am. I am also proud of your choice to not go pro yet. Keep up the good work and Fight ON!

Bry MNO said...

Congratulations on the Walker Cup victory. Brilliant golf. You played great, actually emphatic golf with your birdies on the par 3's of your Sunday singles match; well done. It has been a pleasure to watch the US team make golf better. Thanks!
All of your fans look forward to watching your upcoming year at USC.
Take dead aim,

Damian Brennan said...

Congratulations to you and your teammates on winning the Walker Cup yesterday. You played fantastically well!. All the very best for the future. Hopefully we will see you again sometime in the Emerald Isle, you will always be very welcome, a true gent.

(I was the guy with the Charger hat at the practice ground!)

Darren Heitner said...

You are mentioned:

esta64 said...

Jamie, As a huge golf fan and being tall and lankey like you, I love your game. I admire your swing and the way you go about your business. I'm from Maine(almost Canada lol) so the golf season isn't as long as i like but its still my passion. But i look forward to following your career and i just wanted to let you know you have fans even on the other side of the country and i'll always wish the best for you and your future and hope i get to meet you some day. Good luck!!

Bry MNO said...

Test of the metal on moving day:

2008 Buick Invitational: Go for it on Saturday, moving day; great day today, Friday, to make the cut. Your 66 in first round last year shows your range low; great stats, enjoy the next two days.
Porter Cup fan

Glen said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!
Also, congratulations on making the cut again at the Buick Invitational. Another great round and perhaps you will get to play with Tiger too.

sfagolfer said...

Hi Jamie,
It has been a pleasure watching your progress the last few years. Your game continues to look great.
Good luck in the future, come
visit us again down here in Houston. We would love to come watch you on Tour.
Happy Birthday and good luck on the weekend at the Buick.
See you Soon.
Your Spirit International Caddie
Randy Lance

Bo said...

jamie, this is bo and forel. we would like to congratulate you on your impressive display of pictures on google. You must be a big deal. im sorry about that one time i hit you in the weight room with my mighty swing. bo says we are due for a good night talk tonight.... kisses.

Belen said...

It feels like it was yesterday when I told you that you were gonna change the world one day, and im sure you will Jamie Lovemark!
You are an awesome kid!

Rob said...

yo jamie its dollface im def better than u at golf btw lol

Rob said...

o and the draw video is sickkk wher u totally own the announcer
good luck on tour this year and i can handle ur bag for the Aronimink Tourney lol

Rob said...

o and u can hit me up at if u want

juliana said...

Congratulations on your recent success in New Zealand!

bemeneau said...

Congrats on achieving # 1 on the Nationwide, & getting your PGA Tour card; I'm looking forward to watching you on the PGA tour on your way to win # 1 there, and many more. All the best.


Samuel said...

Nice play at the Puerto Rico Open...282 6 under!! I would like to give one of the volunteers an autographed photo of you. How do I go about it? Thanks for your help and continued success.